Ken Parkman on Toyota’s Unique Approach To EV Readiness

Ken Parkman

Meet Ken Parkman, General Manager of Retail Market Development with Toyota North America

In this episode of the EV Ready podcast, special guest Ken Parkman, General Manager of Retail Market Development at Toyota Motors North America, joins host Chris Nihan to discuss Toyota’s unique approach to electric vehicle readiness. With a concentration on partnerships, education, and seamless dealer experiences, Ken sheds light on Toyota’s strategic plan for electric vehicles, including their Toyota BZ4X and Lexus RZ models. As the world shifts towards electric mobility, this episode offers insight into Toyota’s contributions to this green transition.

The Power of Strong Partnerships

Although Toyota acknowledges its limited expertise in the expanding electric vehicle space, its commitment to forming alliances with electric battery specialists stands out. Through this approach, the automaker aims to deliver a supportive program for its dealers and a positive customer experience. Ken takes us through the hurdles Toyota is leaping as they transition to electric cars, highlighting issues with permitting, city codes, and the existing electric grid system. Within the complexity lies Toyota’s drive to recommend an optimal charging infrastructure at dealerships, always prioritizing excellent customer service without overburdening their dealers.

Toyota and Lexus’ Electrification Plan

The discussion pivots to the electrification plan of Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus, revealing the faster adoption of electrified models in the high-end auto market. Ken points out Lexus’ ambitious target of hitting 100% EV production by 2035 and Toyota’s more gradual transition strategy. Furthermore, the podcast episode explores the 1-6-90 rule, a unique Toyota initiative that supports the environmental efficiency of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The episode rounds out on a high note as we anticipate new product releases from Toyota and Lexus slated for 2024. Breaking down the importance of the comprehensive dealership environmental excellence program, D.E.E.P., listeners gain insights into Toyota’s commitment to modern facilities, increased energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impacts. This episode reaffirms Toyota’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

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