Learn About National Grid’s EVSE Program with Marie Raphael

Marie Raphael National Grid

Join us in this informative episode as Marie Raphael, the Electrification Program Manager at National Grid, sheds light on the company’s journey in the EV charging space. With valuable insights gained from their initial EV charging station program, Marie delves into the lessons they learned and discusses how they applied them to create a more robust and successful program.

Discover the innovative strategies and solutions implemented to overcome obstacles, resulting in a highly efficient and reliable EV charging station program.

In this podcast, Marie also discusses National Grid’s vision for the future of the evolving EV charging landscape. With the growing demand for electric vehicles, she explores the exciting opportunities and advancements that National Grid aims to pursue. Gain valuable insights into the company’s dedication to expanding its presence in the EV charging sector, including plans for enhanced infrastructure, innovative technologies, and sustainable practices.

Check out the video interview:

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