Pasquale Romano
Former CEO and Current Advisor at ChargePoint

Pat Romano Former ChargePoint CEO

Meet Pat Romano

Pat Romano joins Chris Nihan in this episode of the EVready Podcast. Pat, the former CEO of ChargePoint for nearly 13 years, is looking forward to his next adventure. With multiple startup experiences under his belt, Chris finds out what’s next for Pat as he continues to focus on clean energy.

The Challenges Facing Legacy Auto

Pat shares that the electric vehicle (EV) industry is still in its early stages with EV charging installation penetration at less than 1%. However, leading companies in the sector are inching closer to profitability and the possibilities for growth are immense with penetration rates projected to reach 70%-90%. This potential, however, comes with its challenges, including legacy auto manufacturers having to transition to producing a full range of EV models while maintaining a healthy used-vehicle market, amidst high interest rates that are impacting capex purchases. Despite these challenges, the EV industry is seeing healthy growth in sales.

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