The Future of Grid Resiliency With Cole Rosson of Sparkion

Cole Rosson Sparkion

Join Chris Nihan as he sits down with Cole Rosson, Director of Business Development at Sparkion, in the latest episode of the EVready Podcast. Sparkion is a leading provider of AI-driven, modular, energy management software solutions designed to help drivers experience uninterrupted EV power.

In this episode, Chris and Cole discuss the ever-evolving world of battery storage. They talk about the common misunderstandings surrounding the battery storage space, and Cole shares his expert insights on where battery storage for EVs is headed. 

Also, as the director of business development, Cole shares his experiences and outlines some of the hurdles he encounters while trying to promote the benefits of battery storage to potential clients. Listeners will gain insights into the global market dynamics that affect the financial side of EV charging and learn about the obstacles that need to be overcome to foster wider adoption of these innovative solutions.

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