The Need For EV Training at Automotive Dealerships With Maritz Automotive

Terry Erwin SVP Maritz


Welcome to the EVready Podcast with Chris Nihan. Today our special guest is our new partner, Terry Erwin, the VP of Sales at Maritz Automotive.

With over 128 years of experience, Maritz is a powerful ally to automotive dealerships, offering comprehensive programs that focus on OEMs, training, loyalty marketing, and driving positive behavior to help sell more vehicles, parts, and services.

EVready and Maritz Create a Partnership

Maritz and EVready Energy are partnering to bring tailored training programs to dealerships to help move more EVs off the lot to consumers. The focus will be on the importance of EVs, providing training for executives, sales, and service teams along with comprehensive knowledge about the EV ecosystem, including cost of ownership and available rebates and incentives.

As we look to the future, Terry and Chris acknowledge that the collaboration between utilities, OEMs, and government entities over the next 10 years will be crucial in making the transition to EVs easier and more accessible

Maritz to furlough another 49

EVready Energy is excited to partner with Maritz Automotive and looks forward to helping auto dealerships reach their goals in 2024 and beyond!

To learn more about Maritz Automotive’s commitment to transportation electrification and its role in shaping the future of EVs, visit their website at 

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