Workplace Electrification Strategy
and Implementation

EV Charging for Business

Keeping Up
With Demand

The increasing transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has highlighted a critical amenity in workplaces across the U.S.: EV charging stations. Even though 70% of prime office buildings now offer EV charging, a report from CBRE and ChargePoint reveals that the supply isn’t keeping up with the growing demand.

Bring the Benefits
Bring the People

Workplaces are seeing a significant uptick in charging sessions, outpacing the installation of new ports. In fact, the ratio of EV drivers to available charging ports at workplace buildings surged to 12 to 1 in 2023, up from 8 to 1 in previous years. As businesses and building owners strive to attract more office attendance by enhancing amenities, the need for more comprehensive EV charging solutions becomes clear. This evolution reflects a broader push towards creating greener, more sustainable working environments, aligning with the desires of an increasingly eco-conscious workforce.

We'll Go After Incentives

Execute your requirements on time, with the right solution to drive your core business, enabling vehicle sales.

Provide highly adaptable charging stations while providing future-proofed installation recommendations so that you only need to invest a single time

Our Custom Training Process

In addition to our specialized training program for leadership teams, EVready provides comprehensive training for car dealership sales and service teams to utilize the newly installed EV chargers fully. Here are the key areas covered in our training.

By taking advantage of our training program, your dealership’s sales and service teams will be well-equipped to effectively communicate with customers and demonstrate the benefits of your newly installed EV chargers, ultimately driving sales and delivering a top-notch customer experience.

When it comes to installing EV chargers, it’s not just about the equipment. Dealers often spend a lot of time lamenting over saving $1000 in equipment costs, while overlooking the make-ready and utility costs.

At EVready, we take a comprehensive approach and help you discover available incentives that may cover up to 50-90% of your total expenses. We also negotiate with your utility company to ensure the best long-term solution for your dealership.

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