Multifamily EV Charging
Strategy and Implementation

EV Charging for Multifamily Units

Attract Great Tenants

Urban and suburban communities alike are recognizing the need to accommodate the growing EV driving population. Apartment complexes, condominiums, and housing developments are increasingly installing EV chargers, not only as an amenity to attract and retain eco-conscious tenants but also to keep pace with the sustainable evolution of the automotive industry

Become Part Of The EV Revolution

Property managers and developers who prioritize EV charging infrastructure are seen as leaders in innovation and sustainability, enhancing their property’s value and appeal. As the push for greener living spaces continues, integrating EV charging stations is becoming an essential feature of modern multifamily communities, ensuring residents can charge their vehicles conveniently where they live.

EV Charger for Multifamily Buildings

Future-Proof Your Properties

Confidently execute EV charging infrastructure, with the right solution to improve your business.

Customized Training

EVready offers extensive instruction for property management teams, ensuring they can make the most out of the new EV chargers on-site. Our training program arms your staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently engage with tenants and showcase the advantages of your latest EV charging infrastructure, thereby boosting occupancy rates and enhancing the overall tenant satisfaction.

Cost-Saving Energy Services

Unlock the key to efficient energy use and cost savings with EVready’s advanced energy management solutions. Our system offers real-time insights and control over your charging stations, empowering you to slash your total ownership costs. Let an EVready specialist craft a tailored plan for you, handle the setup, and implement it seamlessly, complete with regular progress reports. We’re here to assist you in turning your charging infrastructure into a revenue stream by tapping into LCFS credits and demand response programs.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

The EVready team has successfully secured over $50M in funding for clients throughout North America. We thoroughly assess funding channels that can diminish not only the initial capital outlay but also ongoing operational costs. Our approach is carefully crafted to ensure the most efficient setup to reduce both supply and demand charges with your utility provider. 

By adopting a comprehensive strategy, EVready helps you pinpoint incentives that may reduce your overall expenditures by 50-90%. We also negotiate with utility companies to establish the most favorable long-term strategy for your properties. It’s important to recognize that while equipment costs are visible and often emphasized, the greater financial burdens often lie in installation and continuous operational expenses, which are frequently underestimated.

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