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Sonic Automotive

EVready uses a comprehensive approach to looking at charging and energy usage specific to each site. This is a complex topic and they have demonstrated great care to make certain solutions being pursued make sense for each store and geography. They bring great knowledge on all the sources of funding/tax incentives/grants and the conditions associated with them and their agnostic technical knowledge of all charger types gives us great peace of mind. I appreciate their honesty above all as this business if very fluid right now and knowing I am getting the truth is extremely important.

Martin Walsh

VP of Facilities
Sonic Automotive
Chargepoint logo

The EVready team was born from years of leadership in the center of the industry at ChargePoint in Automotive and Specifications. Charging is often oversimplified to a charging quote or an installation. EVready’s focus is on all of the components around installation and charging procurement that drive core business and total cost of ownership that is often missed in major rollouts. I would highly recommend EVready for a nation-wide or portfolio investment in charging.

Rick Wilmer

Maritz Automotive Logo

Chris brings with him an impressive background helping dealers understand the challenges associated with the growth of EV sales, and the infrastructure necessary to support their businesses…His knowledge in the EV infrastructure space is impressive and rooted in years of research and practical experience.

Terry Erwin

SVP, Auto Sector Sales
Maritz Automotive

Having worked with Chris for six years during his time at ChargePoint while also crossing paths with him previously in the industry, I can attest to his unwavering commitment to delivering high-end customer service. As a key player at the forefront of the EV industry, Chris has made significant contributions both to ChargePoint and its customers. He is a trustworthy individual who prioritizes doing what is right for businesses, driving value and safeguarding their reputations. When it comes to complex projects or investments that require meticulous planning, Chris is the best person to engage for a strategic conversation that aligns your objectives with your plan of action.

John Gilbrook

John Gilbrook

Senior Vice President
Lakeland Automall

Through working with Chris, we are excited to be opening up one of the most advanced public charging sites in southern Florida in 2024. I highly recommend reaching out to Chris at the beginning of your charging project to maximize his value, lower your total cost of ownership, and drive the best charging experience that will drive your brand’s reputation. 

Greg Balasco

President of Ford National Dealer Council
and Lakeland Auto Mall
Chargepoint logo

Justin is a leader in the e-mobility business and has been for many years. He understands the landscape of infrastructure, investment, utility engagement, construction and planning, and the best way to take advantage of assets that deliver value in an EV infrastructure. He is a great leader and a thoughtful architect of e mobility for the various market participants.


Michael Hughes

Chief Commercial and Revenue Officer

EVready is well suited to assist customers in thinking through the complexities when deciding how to blend rate structures, on-site storage, charging policy and technology selection, site planning, etc…I continue to be heartened by the entrepreneurial spirit of EVready. I expect great things to come.

Pasquale Romano

Former CEO, Chargepoint
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